Raising Chickens at Home – Considering Your Neighbours

The neighbors that I refer to in this article are particularly in sight, sound, and smelling distance of your own chickens. You might need to get your neighbour’s approval before raising your own chickens in your backyard, even though in your area it is legal to keep chickens. It is also vital to have your neighbors’ continued tolerance. In order to make your neighbors happy when you try to raise your chickens, there is a price you have to pay. It is normal that you don’t hear any complain if your neighbors have no idea about the existence of the chickens. If however they are aware of the chickens but get free eggs very often, for example, they probably won’t complain either. You definitely don’t want to create a constant battle with your neighbors who don’t appreciate your chickens, as that might cause banning your or even everyone’s chickens.

Try to follow these ideas as you can, no matter what your situations are. You will have a big chance to win the support from your neighbors.

Confine your chickens to your property. You will be in some troubles when you see your chickens doing any of these – destroy a newly planted vegetable garden, pick the blossoms off the annuals, roost on the top of your neighbour’s new car, and walk across your neighbour’s lawn or patio (barefoot? a sticky situation…) So it would be better to keep your chickens confined in your own yard.

Be aggressive about controlling pests. If your chickens become the source of the pest animals such as rats and mice, neighbors may complain.

Share the chicken benefits. Do what you can to make chickens seem like a mutually beneficial endeavor. For example, share some eggs with your neighbors and invite their kids to feed the chickens.

Not to butcher a chicken in view of the neighbors. The waste from butchering a chicken smells and attracts flies and other pests. Also, your neighbors may have strong feelings about raising chickens as meats.

If roosters are legal, consider doing without them. Roosters can and do crow at all times of the day and even at night. The noise from roosters can be very annoying to some people.

Never assume that your neighbors won’t care or complain about your keeping chickens illegally, just because you have good relationships with them. If you follow these ideas in raising your chickens, you will much likely enjoy raising chickens and the same time you have the support from your neighbors.