The Concept Of Race As Defined In America’s Society Is Not True

It was ambition, greed and the quest for wealth and power that led to worldwide slavery and our present day concept of race color and racism.

This ambition created an ideology of racial difference between White and Black people based on the word race and the color of our skin. Which has divided America into two societies, one White and one, Black. One living the American Dream, while the other existing in its nightmare.

It was this divisive racial attitude that triggered an American culture and tradition of legalized Slavery, Segregation, Jim Crow Laws, traditional racial discrimination, hatred and disrespect in America and worldwide against Black People that has lasted for over 393 years, to the present day racist attitudes.

We have abolished the evil institution of slavery, Segregation and Jim Crow Laws. We have passed numerous laws making racial discrimination a crime and act of violence against other people because of their race, a hate crime.

But we have not abolished the concept of race from our social consciousness or even investigated whether or not the concept of race is really true. Because we still require our citizens to identify themselves according to race.

The racist attitudes that cause some of us to commit acts of racial discrimination and hate crimes are still alive because we have failed as a society and as individuals to adequately educate ourselves to deal with the truth about the false concept of race based on skin color.

Because of this failure, we have allowed race to become institutionalized in our hearts and minds. As a result, some people are still committing racially motivated hate crimes because of their belief in the false concept of race and the seeds of hatred it has planted in their Souls.

The concept of the word race as it is defined in our society is the social, racial difference between Black and White People based on the color of their skin, and ancestry bloodline.

The word race is a powerful, divisive, psychologically destructive, extremely emotional, hate word whose meaning is sub-human, which is an insult to all people of color. The word race is a killer and has resulted in the senseless death of millions of Human Beings.

It has embedded within its definition, as defined in our society, all of the ugly, mean spirited racial slurs, hatred, fears and social insults associated with being viewed and treated as inferior, Sub-Human, and someone’s personal property.

It has been and still is used by some to encourage hate, divisive hate speeches, fear and division between Black and White People.

It is responsible for all of the racially motivated hate crimes that have ever occurred in America and around the world for the past 400 years because of our persistent belief in race based on the color of our skin.

The color of our skin has nothing to with our race. Or the different skin color of the people we see in society.

But everything to do with nature’s natural environmental changes in our physical appearance because of the geographical regions of the world our ancestors have lived in for thousands of years.

These are culture regional changes rather than a physical or biological indicator of what race we are.

All Human Beings, have the ability to change physically and biologically to their environmental no matter where they live.

God has built genetic characteristics into all Humans that allow our bodies to self-heal and adjust and adapt to the changing environment in which we become inhabitants of for a short or long period of time.

Biologically, scientists have proven over the years through every test imaginable that the small measurable genetic differences between people of different skin colors are due to the environment of the geographical regions in the world where they live, not their race.

Some of us believe that our ancestry bloodline can determine our race, but this is not true. There are about 30 different blood types, but they are common across all of the so-called designated racial categories.

Anyone, no matter what social racial group you may be in, can exchange blood with anyone in the world regardless of culture or their skin color.

The only requirement is that both of us have the same blood type. If either of us were of a different race, we would be of a different species and not Human, and would not find a blood match.

Not only can all Human Beings exchange blood, we can also exchange body parts such as, hearts, kidneys, livers and lunges just to name a few.

Until 1967, before it became legal for Black and White people to marry, it was believed that our bloodline could determine our race.

There was a 1% standard blood test used to determine if you were Black or White. If you were a member of the White Race you had to have 100% White blood. But you only needed 1% of Black blood to be Black.

Therefore, if you are White and had anyone in your family bloodline who was Black, you are Black according to the 1% standard, no matter how White your skin may appear. However, none of this is true.

The actual truth about our blood is that its only power is to sustain the life of our flesh and blood body, it like skin color, has no power to determine race. The blood of man can not defined race because it is the same for all men and women.

Here is what God says about the blood in our flesh and blood bodies.

“And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.” Acts 17:26, KJV.

There are no Biblical, biological or scientific evidences to support our belief that the world’s population is divided into two main racial groups, one Black and one White because of skin color.

Nevertheless, our belief in the false concept of race has divided America into an altered reality of two societies according to skin color, one White and privileged living the American Dream, one Black and under privileged living the American Nightmare.

According to the word of God The concept race based on our skin color is not true.

Yet, true or not, the false concept of race has created the all too real racial nightmare that has destroyed too many lives and dreams of freedom for Black People and some White people as well, in the World’s greatest nation of freedom and dreams for everyone.

We are still in denial about the truth because we are walking in this world by sight, not by faith where all we can see is the color of each other’s skin and the hate, fear and prejudice it provokes in some of us based on its false premises of racial differences.

To hate another Human Being for any reason is the same as committing spiritual suicide, here is why: “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.” 1John 3:15, KJV.

The brothers mentioned here are not just your biological Black or White brothers, but are your fellow Human Beings.

The real Human Beings on earth were created in the image and likeness of God, and God is a Spirit. This means we are Spiritual Beings as well, hosted inside of flesh and blood bodies until we have to give them back to the earth upon our death.

Therefore, the pigmentation of our skin or our living together and sharing similar characteristics cannot define who we are racially. Nor can it divide us into racial social categories that do not exist. While we can become multi-culture, we will never be able to become multi-racial.